M4As | Stem Folders


1. Make sure you have the Spire app.
2. Click the .spire link.
3. WAIT FOR IT TO DOWNLOAD, then click “open in Spire”

Testing 123: .SPIRE

Better Just To Be: .SPIRE

Foolish Grin: .SPIRE

Ghost: .SPIRE

Good Graces: .SPIRE

Lonely Love Song: .SPIRE

My Time (extra tracks): .SPIRE

My Time: .SPIRE

nAdequate Man: .SPIRE

So & So, By & By: .SPIRE

The Heart Can Only Really Be In One Place At A Time: .SPIRE

The More I Learn The Less I Know: .SPIRE

The World’s Fair: .SPIRE

What’s Her Name, What’s His Face: .SPIRE